All Passengers

"Brenda Foster writes from her soul." — Rita Richcreek

When lies come to light, a

new life is free to emerge

In All Passengers, Edith's predictable life in her small seaside English hometown takes a sudden and dramatic turn. The stakes are high. The choice is clear. The question is, can Edith face the challenge to become the woman she was born to be?

Life isn't always as it appears to be, as Edith Sharpe soon realizes in this compassionately told tale of self-discovery, love and a town called Bogmire.

203 pages, $14.95 paperback; $9.95 e-book

Praise for Brenda Foster and All Passengers


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"All Passengers, the story of a young woman’s painful journey to self-discovery in a working-class English town, crackles with authenticity, wit, and understanding." – Abby Wasserman


"A very enjoyable story that transports the reader to this small, English town filled with interesting characters with secrets. The writer draws the reader in with details and wonderfully realistic dialogue." — Elaine Marevich


"Brenda Foster's debut has everything I look for in a novel, primarily humor and a great story. It's a fantastic book because, as in life, wonderful messages are in the details. . . .  " — Andrew Dieden


"The scene in a small English town is so well set you feel you are walking among its residents. . . . Left this reader satisfied with a smile on my face and anxious to share the book with friends. I'll be on the lookout for your next book." — Sandy McShane


Brenda Foster’s journey has taken her from a seaside town in the north of England — not unlike fictional Bogmire in All Passengers — to Canada, British Columbia, Australia and, finally, to the place where she had always wanted to go,

San Francisco.


"Slumped in the backseat of the taxi, Edith felt nauseated and ugly. Her coat was creased, her legs were bare, and her tangled hair hung loose about her shoulders. Her head throbbed as she continued to grapple with where she had been and what she had done. . . . "



Every day Edith Sharpe takes the No. 9 bus to her job at the Shield Insurance company in the English burg of Bogmire. Every night she's there to care for her invalid mother, Ruby, a cantankerous, bitter old woman who has nothing good to say about anyone, Edith included.




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203 pages

$14.95 print

$9.95 e-book

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